The harbour master office is open every day from 9 – 12 AM and from 4 – 7 PM.

Quality charter



Briare’s tourist harbour commits itself in always trying to satisfy all parts of its organization.
Briare’s marina has been awarded the Blue Flag eco-label since 2008.


See details here : Blue Flag
Briare’s harbour has implemented an environmental policy.


This dynamic policy complies with different criteria :

  • Respecting regulations
  • Maintaining natural resources (water and electricity consumption)
  • Controlling the impact of our activities on the environment (waste management, water quality, air quality, noise control…)
  • Public spirit and social responsibility of users.


Integrating environmental concerns in the scheduling, management and protection process of maritime and port State property has become a major priority in maintaining balance between our activities and the protection of environmental quality.


Moreover, as an operator, Briare’s harbour is committed to an environmental goal through different actions concerning :

  • waste management
  • cleanliness
  • new facilities
  • environmental education
  • water quality…


Users code of environmental conduct




commit to respecting life in the harbour by:

  • Preserving quietness for the yachtmen
  • Using appropriate bins
  • Respecting security precautions and information
  • Preserving water by not bathing


Yachtmen and sailors

comply to respect their environment by:

  • Respecting all safety and environmental instructions
  • Combating toxic waste and rejections
  • Not throwing anything into the water,
  • Reporting any pollution to the harbour authorities
  • Using facilities on site with care …


Do you know how long it takes for waste to degrade into water?

  • Newspaper : 2 to 4 weeks
  • Cigarette butts : 1 to 5 years
  • Painted wood : 10 years
  • Tin cans : 200 to 500 years
  • Glass bottles : 100 to 1000 years
  • Plastic bottles : 1000 years
  • Plastic bags : 1000 years


It is FORBIDDEN to throw anything into the water or on the docks
Use the appropriate containers

  • Garbage cans without a lid are for NON-RECYCLABLE waste such as food waste, wrappings or soiled papers…
  • Recycling bins with a yellow lid are for RECYCLABLE waste such as newspapers, cardboard, plastic bottles, tin cans.
  • Round green containers are for glass.

Do not leave any light weight objects on the dock or they could roll down into the water.
Reduce and recycle waste


  • Thank you for cutting back on packaging
  • Do not throw garbage in the water but into appropriate containers
  • Use the various containers properly
  • Promote and encourage others to recycle
  • Throwing used oil in the water constitutes a major pollution and can expose you to a fine
  • Battery components are extremely toxic
  • Do not leave batteries anywhere on the docks or in the water
  • Use devoted containers and be careful not to spill toxic products
  • Use the appropriate containers at your disposal for batteries and other toxic waste (acids, paint, solvents, filters, soiled cans of petrol, soiled rags…)




Toxic waste

Do not spill used oil either into the water or in the wastewater system!
Prevent pollution

  • Favour the most environmentally friendly products (certified paint, cleaning products and personal hygiene products…).
  • Read the labels and opt for, at least, 90% biodegradable products.
  • Use a brush instead of detergent products to wash cars and boats.
  • Do not wash or paint boats or anything else within the harbour.
  • Used water is made of blackwater (sewage, toilet water) and greywater (dishwashing, shower water).
  • Blackwater contains feces as well as chemical products meant for toilet cleaning. Greywater is loaded with detergent products, usually chemicals and toxic liquids.
  • Do not throw used water into the harbour, it is FORBIDDEN!
  • When docked, use our toilet and sanitary facilities (such as the launderette) listed in the booklet.
  • Dishwashing or laundering on the dock is FORBIDDEN!

Feel free to ask the harbour staff about the wastewater collection services.



NO bathing ALLOWED!

The water may contain virus and bacteria and could cause diseases through contact or ingestion.
Stop pollution!
Do not empty bilge water in the harbour. It contains hydrocarbons, oils and metal particles. Such behaviour would lead to pollution and you risk a fine.
Address the harbourmaster’s office to obtain information about bilge water collection services.

It is essential to :

  • Maintain and have your boat engine checked regularly.
  • Clean boat bilges and use specific biodegradable products.
  • Install filter separators to retain polluting elements from running through the bilge water openings (filtering cartridges need replacement once saturated).


Did you know that…?

An engine can consume over 50% more and pollute considerably if not maintained or adjusted.
Do not keep engines running uselessly (boats, cars, machines, etc.) in order to save on fuel, limit greenhouse gas emission and preserve tranquillity.
Have the engine ignition and carburetion regularly inspected and adjusted.
For instance, after 1 minute at idle, ignition on, your car consumes more fuel and wears out the engine faster than if you had stopped the engine and restarted after a break.
In order to benefit from a nice environment, the access to the harbour is limited to 30 minutes for parking so that you can unload your car.

Please respect this directive for the well-being of everyone!
Please respect this directive for the well-being of everyone!

  • 1 shower = 20 to 45 litres of water
  • flushing the toilet once = about 10 litres of water
  • 1 laundry load = about 15 litres of water
  • When a tap is dripping, 3 to 5 litres of water are running every hour which is equivalent to 2 to 3 days of drinking water consumption for one single person!

Energy wasting has to be banned!

  • Turn off lights, electrical devices, useless heating sources…
  • Use low energy light bulbs and devices…
  • Don’t keep water running in vain.


It is forbidden to :

  • Swim
  • Use fireworks or pyrotechnics
  • Park a car on quays for over 30 minutes..


In a desire to improve life on the harbour

Briare’s harbour is committed to :

  • Maintaining the site in a clean state
  • Organizing recycling and sorting of rubbish as well as preserving our natural resources (less raw material)
  • Collecting and treating the bilge and used water of your boats to avoid dumping into the environment (pollution, smell and visual nuisance…).
  • Improving access for the disabled within the harbour.
  • Toxic waste collection and treatment: batteries, lubricating oil…

More about the Blue Flag: click here